I’m Reading Blue Bloods

Look what I’m reading right now! 🙂 Aside from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I decided to read this one too! so basically, I’m reading this in the morning and Harry Potter at night. I don’t know what comes in to my mind to read two books in one day. I find it fun!
Well let me update you about this book, it’s really nice! I’m still a little bit confused actually but I find it interesting. I read this book if I have vacant time in school. I hope to finish this one soon!
Were you guys able to read this one?

Borrowed From The Library

I always see this book when I’m passing by the bookstores and I always wanted to read it but then I told myself not to buy books for now because I have so many books to read. And then suddenly, while I was doing my student assistant duty I saw this book. I had doubts if I will borrow it or not but in the end I told the librarian that I want to borrow that book.
The librarian told me that I can borrow the book for one week only, but then I’m almost half of it already. So far I found it very interesting! 
I suggest you guys should read this book too. 🙂

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Update 1)

Hi there, I decided to make an update to all the books that I’m reading so here’s my first one.

I’m almost half of the book now, it takes me so long to read because of too many distractions. I’m can easily be distracted you know but when I find time to read I will surely read until I finish the book. So far, I’m enjoying the Chapter 19 of it, hoping that I can finish it this week. It took me so long to read it again because of work, it’s kinda hard for me doing things at the same time so I need to find time.

So there, so far I’m on the part of The Hungarian Horntail (Chapter 19). I find it interesting and I’m excited to finish everything so I can find out what happened to Harry and Ron, and everything. Please don’t give a hint of what happened, don’t be a spoiler.

Keep supporting my blog! I’ll update about the books that I’m currently reading as much as I can.

Thank you for reading!