Just Another Random Thought

Hi, I suddenly want to post something about what I am thinking right now. I am actually bored and not in the mood to do anything I’m thinking of reading a book but my mind is not focused on that right now. It sounds silly right? But I am not really in the mood to do this right now but the fact that I am in my moody state… I need something else to do but I don’t what is it.
I wanna do something but I can’t focus on that, while I am typing this post I am also conditioning myself to read a book but it is hard so I am also thinking of eating chocolates maybe that can help me? Or I don’t know. It’s raining here so my random thoughts are starting again. Too many things inside my head and I feel weird bout it. Hope it ends soon you know?
Maybe I just need some motivation or inspiration right now but I can’t find it. I tried listening to the music but nothing happens, I played some Facebook games but nothing happened. Then I made a poem. here I’ll post it

People don’t notice me
Or they just ignore me
They just pass by
And not speaking even “hi”

They’ll talk if they need something
And disappear when it’s over
Is this my role?

I’m always behind someone else
I don’t even know why
It’s not that I want it there
But maybe there is a reason

I compare myself to a shadow
Because that is me
I just walk with them
Just walk but unsure where to go

But even if I walk,
It’s like I don’t belong there
It’s like I’m just someone
Not that important to them

I can’t do anything
I am just there
Behind them, extending
But still I’m being ignored


What do you think of it? I made that because that’s what I think. I was thinking if I should/not post that… but I decided I should. Nothing special I just wanna post it. 
Right now, I don’t know if I am sad or whatever my mood are so weird today. So am just hoping this kind of mood ends coz I don’t wanna spend the rest of my day being like this. I want my day to be a productive one. Well.. I’ll try eating chocolates. Hope it helps.

Busy As A Bee

I know you guys noticed I’ve been away for so long. I’m really busy at my work and school stuffs. I’m really sorry about that, hope you guys understand. Since I’ve been really busy, I think it’s best to lessen my book suggestions from 10 I’ll make it 5 each week for me to make it an easy task.

I’m really sorry for being away, and I’m also planning to fix this blog soon. I’m still thinking for the concepts and all. Just wait for the new updates 🙂

I’m going to post my new book suggestion tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

Random Thoughts for 12-12-12

Hi everyone, this is my corner for my random thoughts while reading or after reading. I just want to share my feelings every time I read books. So here’s one, maybe some of you can relate.

I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I started reading since December one and I’m still in Chapter 9 why? Because work keeps me busy, and I feel sad because I can’t focus reading the book, that’s why I’m always looking forward for weekends or holidays so I can focus on my hobby. Do you experience that too?

Every time I read the book at night I felt like I don’t want to sleep  and I just want to read the book until I finish it, but of course I need to stop because the next day I have work again. It is hard, even how hard I try to finish the book work is there to block me. That’s why right now I’m really looking forward for next week because I will have my holiday and I can read the books that I have finally.

I really want to finish the Harry Potter series and then watch the movies again. Sounds fun right? I know,  I did that first on the Twilight Saga and I’m doing it again for Harry Potter series. It’s gonna be so fun!