Book Signing [recap]: Lauren Kate in PH
Lauren Kate, the author of Fallen series visited the Philippines last November 5-9 for her Fallen movie promotion at SM Megamall and Glorietta also for the book signing event at National Bookstore Greenbelt 5. Lauren Kate visited together with the casts of Fallen movie Harrison Gilbertson (as “Cam”) and Addison Timlin (as “Lucinda Price”). 
It was my first time to meet Lauren Kate and the experience was amazing! She’s lovely and kind. I asked her while she was signing my book if she’s already tired from all the people who came just to see her and have their books signed. She said to me “No, it’s alright I’m actually hyped up seeing you all and thank you for being here”. I told her it was my first time to see her because I wasn’t able to attend her previous signings and she said “You finally made it! Thank you very much for coming”.

Oh! And I was able to talk and have a picture with Harrison Gilbertson. He’s really kind. I told him I knew him from Need For Speed, he said “Really? That’s awesome thank you for watching”. He was standing the whole time, he hugged and talked to his fans and to everyone who wants to take selfies.
AND of course, being in a book event isn’t fun without my lovely friends! 
Days after the book signing was the Fallen movie premier and I am one of the lucky fans who won a movie ticket! 

Book Signing: Alex London in Manila (01-15-2016)

Alex London, the author of the famous duology Proxy and Guardian visited Manila for the second time. He was invited to teach in one of the International Schools in the Philippines and done this successful book signing event at the National Bookstore, Glorietta 1 Makati City, dated January 15, 2016. Alex London already had his first book signing in Manila last 2014. He wrote lots of books already, that includes The Wild Ones, Dog Tags and Tides of War series also the Accidental Adventures
Alex London tweeted hours before the signing. (@ca_london)
I am glad that I am part of this event and finally met him. I got my book signed too! I already have Proxy signed way back 2014 and now that he’s back I’ve got Guardian. Alex is such an amazing author that inspires people. I am lucky to be able to record his interview in the event, and because of that I will share it to you all. 

It was a really fun experience meeting him and I was able to get a hug! YAY! Hopefully he visits again soon! 🙂


Book Signing: E. Lockhart in Manila (03-22-15)

The author of We Were Liars, E. Lockhart visited the Philippines last March 22, 2015.
It was one of the most fun book signings I’ve ever been to. E. Lockhart is such a kind, cheerful woman. She makes her audience laugh because of how she talks and how she discuss things. 
I feel like her books always have an origin before she started writing it.
When she started signing her books, it was so awesome that she entertain her fans. She asks things if they already read the book or if they should start reading it.

Meeting such an awesome author is really cool! And to be honest she’s really pretty and I love her tattoo in her arm! I am hoping to see her soon again someday.
I made a request to her though, I asked her if she could write a line or something that comes from Gat and this is what I’ve got. 
Of course this day won’t be too awesome without my fellow bookworms. 

I can’t ask for more. This day was really a great one! 

Book Signing Event Margaret Stohl, Alysson Noel & Melissa De La Cruz

Book signing with Melissa De La Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl last Saturday, September 14, 2013 at The Podium, Ortigas. There are other book signing events aside from that, one is in Cebu which happened last Friday, September 13, 2013 and the other one is in the Manila International Bookfair at SMX Mall of Asia, it happened yesterday, September 15, 2013. 
Honestly? It was fun! There were so many people patiently waiting for the stars of the night, everyone has different stories talking about books and all that. Some are busy reading and some are alone like me, lol, it doesn’t matter. I still met new friends there, my day didn’t end negatively. One of my friend there named Annie she’s a librarian and the other one is a high school student named Kaitlyn. 

When the three authors arrived everyone’s excited and they can’t hide it! The authors are really awesome, so down-to-earth and they are very friendly. Melissa De La Cruz really missed Philippines and she was away for 28 years, she didn’t come back since then. She cried, because of that and somehow regretting that she didn’t visit early. 
Margaret Stohl, is so funny. She did her pose thingy, which makes us smile. She’s really cute! She talked a lot about her friends and books, and she smile a lot, I guess she really loves to make people happy. Well, she did a good job! And, Alyson Noel as we all know she already had her first visit here in Manila, and traveling now with her friends means so much! I wanna thank her for bringing the two authors with her, she encouraged them. These lovely ladies really makes our night wonderful. My day suddenly turned in to an energetic one, I can’t even hide my happiness. 
It’s like a dream! I finally met her, she’s one of my favorite authors. She talked to me a lot about Blue Bloods while signing the book.  She loves Schuyler!!! I’m really happy I met her! I’m a big fan of Blue Bloods series. She’s cool and so kind, and one more thing I like about her is she’s a Filipina too. 
Lucky I really decided to come or else? I wont see her and get my books signed.  It is really a great feeling, meeting one of your favorite author, completing her book series ‘coz you’re dreaming she’s coming here one day? For me this is a dream come true with a bonus! 

I got lucky to meet these two fabulous authors! Haven’t read their works yet but I’m familiar with it in a different way, and I am pretty excited to read it! I’m glad I was able to talk to them and get my books signed. I love them both, got a hugged from Margaret Stohl!!! *blush* and I was able to shake-hands with Alyson Noel. It’s like a dream!
Honestly? I love the friendship they have, and seeing all of them together is such an awesome opportunity that I’m glad I didn’t miss. 

All of these books are signed!!! I met someone named Annie and she helped me with my other books. Thank you Annie! It was so kind of her, ‘coz she didn’t even hesitate to help me. Here’s a closer look!

So happy with all of these! Thank you so much National Bookstore for inviting those authors here! It was a really great experience.

Book Signing Event Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs

Book signing event by Tahereh Mafi plus bonus Ransom Riggs happened last Saturday March 2, 2013 at National Bookstore, Glorietta 1. Originally, the event is for Tahereh Mafi book signing but all of the book readers was surprised to see Ransom Riggs there that’s why the event got more exciting to everyone! 

It was really a good time because there were lots of revelations happened, one of it was when Tahereh Mafi said that Shatter Me is going to have a movie so soon. I’m really excited for that one! And she also said that the third book of Shatter Me is done, she called it “Untitled Me” coz as of now there’s no title yet. She’s doing revisions as of the moment. I know hos you guys feels I can sense that you’re all excited as me.
Ransom Riggs was there also and he’s amazingly tall! He’s really funny. It feels good to see him too since I can’t go to his book signing which happened yesterday March 3, 2013 at Fullybooked Fort Bonifacio branch. It was really a great opportunity to meet two authors at one event. I feel so lucky that day! He also signed the books. So right away I decided to buy one! I’m really lucky 3 books signed in one day!
Here are my signed books take a look!

It was really a great opportunity to meet them both. They’re really kind. I want to see them again someday. Both great authors. I haven’t read these books yet but I know and I can feel how good the books are. I’m really excited to read all of it.
Honestly, it was my first time to join this kind of event and to meet the author in person, it was really a great feeling, to get to know the person behind an awesome book! It’s a great feeling and you’ll never regret buying the books and supporting them, that’s what I felt. Once in a lifetime event but it’s forever in my memory. I’m really looking forward for another books from them and to meet them again someday. 
New books signed.