Big Bad Wolf in Manila, 2019

Hey guys! There were lots of book sales last month, February but I think this Big Bad Wolf is one of the biggest and people were really looking forward to this. I myself was so excited and I really don’t know what to buy first because, book budget! Anyway, this year’s Big Bad Wolf held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. It was open for 24-hours and to be honest, even around 1:00AM to 5:00AM,  I was told that people really visit! Insane isn’t it? Every one wants to get dibs on the book sale because it was really cheap! 

I was, one of the lucky book lovers who were given a VIP pass. Thank you to my friend, Sarah, for giving me that. I felt like it was the best Birthday gift ever! (I’m such a kid!!! LOL) anyway, during the VIP day, I went with friends and I went home around 12midnight! I had to give up some of the books and I had to think if I will really read those before I leave them at the corner. During the first day, the line was long and it was so hard to roam around because, I was overwhelmed with all the books. I felt like, I just wanted to buy lots of Young Adult books but of course, I had to choose (that was the hardest part ever!) This year was great though, so many young adult books like 10 or more tables out there that’s dedicated for that genre only. I picked up books for myself and I was so happy to score some good Young Adult books, Historical and Business books. Every thing was worth it! I also picked up books for some of my friends and of course comics to my man, Frank. He liked them, Teen Titans fan. His comics, aren’t in the photo below. 
First book haul on VIP day
After all the crazy book haul on a VIP day, I decided to come back for the last time. I told myself I won’t buy much because I already did that, but I end up buying more. Not as much as the VIP day, but still… I’m a little out of budget but I don’t regret anything, those are books!!! I loved this month. I have another haul that isn’t in this photo though, I will just share that in my Instagram. Check my second book haul below, this time more Thriller/Suspense books and a Rick Riordan book
Second book haul
Aside from the good experience about this book fair, I just noticed a few things that isn’t fun to see. These comments might affect my blog traffic but, I have to speak. I knew we all want to have first dibs on the low prices books and what made me sad is that, some people hoard so much and I feel like they’re not thinking about the others who really is a bookworm or a book lover who is eyeing for some specific books that he or she likes. Some people buys so much and then they will sell it online with increased prices. It isn’t bad to resell I know, but it was like they somehow doubled the price. I feel bad for those who are really a fan of a specific author and poof, the book is out-of-stock. I was thinking what if… Big Bad Wolf put a rule about books with same titles, each people can only have two (2) or three (3) maximum of purchase? I guess that could be a good rule. I guess, some people should be considerate, it makes me question will they really these books? That was a lot.. or.. if they sell it online, are they gonna be nice to not have a higher price? Hopefully, next year would be better. I saw lots of comments online both Twitter and Facebook platforms that they had complaints, do these people who hoard too much books even read the complaints of the people? Guess not.

Anyway, enough of the bad experiences, all in all I am so glad for my book haul this year. I don’t regret buying anything, to be honest I am so excited to read all of these books. I am hoping to have more time for all these lovelies! I wonder if I’ll finish all of them this year? Well who knows! I’m just hoping to read as much as I could. And of course, I’ll post my reviews here on my blog once I’m done.

What about you all? What’s your Big Bad Wolf experience this 2019? Or, what’s your book haul for February? I would love to see all your books!

Book Signing [recap]: Lauren Kate in PH
Lauren Kate, the author of Fallen series visited the Philippines last November 5-9 for her Fallen movie promotion at SM Megamall and Glorietta also for the book signing event at National Bookstore Greenbelt 5. Lauren Kate visited together with the casts of Fallen movie Harrison Gilbertson (as “Cam”) and Addison Timlin (as “Lucinda Price”). 
It was my first time to meet Lauren Kate and the experience was amazing! She’s lovely and kind. I asked her while she was signing my book if she’s already tired from all the people who came just to see her and have their books signed. She said to me “No, it’s alright I’m actually hyped up seeing you all and thank you for being here”. I told her it was my first time to see her because I wasn’t able to attend her previous signings and she said “You finally made it! Thank you very much for coming”.

Oh! And I was able to talk and have a picture with Harrison Gilbertson. He’s really kind. I told him I knew him from Need For Speed, he said “Really? That’s awesome thank you for watching”. He was standing the whole time, he hugged and talked to his fans and to everyone who wants to take selfies.
AND of course, being in a book event isn’t fun without my lovely friends! 
Days after the book signing was the Fallen movie premier and I am one of the lucky fans who won a movie ticket! 

Book Event [recap]: Romance Class Feels Fest, October 2016

Romance Class presents Feels Fest happened last month, October 22, 2016 at Glorietta 5 Atrium and hosted by Ms. Mina V. Esguerra. This event is to celebrate and mingle with the indie Filipino authors and readers.
There were live readings of selected books/chapters from the authors, book selling and other book merch found in the event. 

Aside from that, they promote the new released books from Agay Llanera, Jay E. Tria, Ines Bautista-Yao, Ysa Arcangel, Racquel Sarah A. Castro, Addie Lyn Co, Kristine Cuevas, Suzette de Borja, Carla de Guzman, Tara Frejas, Elizabeth Galit, Georgette S. Gonzales, Arlene Manocot, Chris Mariano, Maita Rue, C.P. Santi, Yeyet Soriano and Justine Camacho-Tajonera.

Getting new purchased books signed and talking to the authors are always the best experience as a book blogger and book lover. I’m looking forward reading all the books they’ve written! They’re all lovely and worth it! And of course, my day won’t end without the selfies with the authors and with Ms. Honey de Peralta. 

Top photos (left to right): with Jay E. Tria, Ms. Honey de Peralta, Mina V. Esguerra & Chrissie Peria
Bottom photos (left to right): with C.P. Santi, Agay Llanera & Dawn Lanuza

Book Event: 37th Manila International Book Fair

Hello fellow bookworms! 
The Manila International Book Fair is celebrating it’s 37th year! The event will start on September 14, Wednesday and ends on September 18, Sunday at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. 
Are you all excited? There are book events that will happen on different days, book launch, book signings, etc. You guys could check the schedule on this LINK. Hundreds of exhibitors are going to be here on this event and of course they offer discounts! (sounds fun?).

For more details please visit their website. You can also check their Facebook and Twitter page.

Disclaimer: Photos are not owned by me. This is for promotional purposes only.

Book Event: Dia de Libro

Yesterday, April 23, was my first time to attend Dia de Libro at Ayala Triangle, Makati City. I could say that it was a good experience to attend such events like that and see other people enjoying and buying books. There were books, t-shirts and other book related things that are for sale. There was also a free henna tattoo in one of the booths. 

Some of you may ask how I learned about the event, to be honest I saw it in one of the posts on Facebook and I immediately decided to click and read it. I didn’t even know there will be an event like that until Friday, April 22nd. I provided the link of the blog post and it is from

The photo below shows the booths from different bookstores. 

This was located in the middle of the event. A library where you can donate books and get books for FREE!!!


Who can miss this cool Churros by Don Churro? To be honest it was my first time eating churros and it was good! It will be perfect for a cup of coffee though *winks*

 I am personally amazed by this map. It was the map of the world! OVERSIZED!!! 

AAAANNDDDD of course, that day won’t be happy without the amazing bookish best friends! I haven’t seen them for months and every meeting is wonderful, memorable. I got my first henna tattoo too. “ALWAYS” with the deathly hollows from Harry Potter. 

Thank you National Book Development Board – Philippines for the tattoos!

Book Signing: Alex London in Manila (01-15-2016)

Alex London, the author of the famous duology Proxy and Guardian visited Manila for the second time. He was invited to teach in one of the International Schools in the Philippines and done this successful book signing event at the National Bookstore, Glorietta 1 Makati City, dated January 15, 2016. Alex London already had his first book signing in Manila last 2014. He wrote lots of books already, that includes The Wild Ones, Dog Tags and Tides of War series also the Accidental Adventures
Alex London tweeted hours before the signing. (@ca_london)
I am glad that I am part of this event and finally met him. I got my book signed too! I already have Proxy signed way back 2014 and now that he’s back I’ve got Guardian. Alex is such an amazing author that inspires people. I am lucky to be able to record his interview in the event, and because of that I will share it to you all. 

It was a really fun experience meeting him and I was able to get a hug! YAY! Hopefully he visits again soon! 🙂


36th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF)

Hello fellow bookworms!!! 
The 36th Manila International Book Fair will be this coming September 16th – 20th from 10AM to 8PM at the SMX Convention Center MOA Complex, Pasay City.  

Are you all excited? because I am!!! There are so many book events that’s gonna happen and of course book signings from local and international authors. The schedule of events can be viewed in the MIBF website, the link is here for your reference
One more fun thing is that National Bookstore has a big treat for everyone! Kiera Cass, Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher and Christine Brae will be in Manila to have book signing tours!
For more updates visit the MIBF website
You can also visit their Facebook and Twitter page. 

Kate Evangelista’s Til Death Book Launch

I know it’s been really late, but I am looking for a right time for this post and I have been so busy. Well nowadays I am a busy person yet I am trying to fulfill my role as a blogger. Honestly, last Saturday, March 15 was one of my happiest days. I’ve been so emo for about a month because there are so many things happening in my life yet that event erased all the bad memories, and that day I simply enjoyed everything and of course I forgot being sad. 
Anyway enough drama. That day was Kate Evangelista‘s book launch of Til Death, aside from that book she also have other titles entitled, Savor, Taste and Romancing the Bookworm. It was really  an awesome day her words of wisdom inspired me to write. Hopefully I’ll be able to write what’s inside my mind someday.

She said “Your career is in your hands nobody else’s” and also “Write that novel ‘coz if you don’t nobody else will“. Those phrase stayed on my mind and I wont forget it. It’s really awesome, she’s inspiring.

I was the first one in line so I saw her face to face and fangirled right away! She recognized me (I’m so happy), and she hugged me right away. She’s so kind and pretty!!! I love her eyes it’s awesome! Until now I fangirl every time I think about meeting her. I gave her something hope she likes it! And yes… she signed my book! 

I seriously want to meet her again! She’s one of the greatest person I know! Her smile is so sweet! How lovely!!!
And of course, selfie with the other Filipino bloggers!!! I’m so happy to be with them! They’re the only one who can understand the feeling of fangirling over the book!!! 

It’s not done yet, I’m with Mina V. Esguerra, the author of Fairy Tale Fail. I admit, she’s pretty and kind. I’m so happy to meet her, she was the speaker and the one who interviewed Kate during the event.

It was really a great day! New signed books, new friends and new author friends! I was really happy that day! Every time I look at the photos it makes me think that I wanna meet Kate Evangelista again!  Thank you National Bookstore for this awesome event, thank you Kate Evangelista because I finally met you and you gave an awesome message to my Til Death copy! Lastly, thank you Mina Esguerra for signing my book too!!! It was really a great day!

Thank you Kate for this!! I really appreciate the message!!! Love ya forever!

And thank you too Mina Esguerra for signing these lovelies, honestly this is my first time to buy this kind of books! (shame on me). 
FUN FUN DAY! Thank you everyone!!!

City Fiction 100: A Fiction Writing Masterclass






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As part of the POPtastik Pinoy! program of activities
held in celebration of Text in the City: The 4th Philippine
International Literary Festival
, Ayala Museum will hold City Fiction 100, a
flash fiction masterclass, on November 15, 1:30-3:00 p.m. This workshop is open
to professional and budding writers of all ages. Participants will get feedback
from acclaimed writers Sarge Lacuesta, Andrea Pasion-Flores, and Krys Lee, with
Kristine Fonacier as Moderator.
Write about a city, real or imagined in 100 words or
City Fiction 100: A Fiction Writing Masterclass
15 November 2013
1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
Open to professional and budding
writers of all ages. Get feedback from writers Krys Lee and Sarge Lacuesta, and
literary agent Andrea Pasion-Flores, with travel writer Kristine Fonacier as

Presented by the National Book
Development Board (NBDB) in partnership with Filipinas Heritage Library and
Ayala Museum
  • Submit your works of flash fiction
    saved in .doc format to Camille Dela Rosa ( and Verne
    Ahyong (
  • Multiple entries are allowed. 
  • E-mail must have the subject heading
    “City Fiction 100 Entry,” and include the writer’s full name, cellular phone
    number, and short bio (3-4 sentences only).
  • Only 25 slots are available. Early
    submissions will be given priority.
  • Deadline for submission is on 2013 November
    8. Final list of participants will be announced on November 11.
  • A Php 1,000 workshop fee will be
    collected from the 25 chosen participants. Fee includes a copy of Krys Lee’s
    short story collection Drifting House. Fee also includes access to all panels
    for the rest of the day.
  • Only one story per participant will be
    discussed during the masterclass. The decision of the NBDB screening team is
For inquiries, e-mail Camille Dela
Rosa ( or Verne Ahyong (
You can also call Verne at 759-8288 loc. 46.
About the facilitators:
Krys Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in
California and Washington, and studied in the United States and England. Her
debut book Drifting House by Viking/Penguin, USA, and Faber and Faber, U.K.,
made the San Francisco Chronicle and Kansas City Star 2012 best books of the
year list. She was awarded The 2012 Story Prize Spotlight Award and was a
finalist for the 2012 BBC International Story Prize.
Her work has appeared in
the Kenyon Review, Narrative magazine, Granta (New Voices),
The Guardian, Financial Times, The San Francisco Chronicle,
Conde Nast Traveller, UK, and other publications. She is a
professor of creative writing at Yonsei University’s Underwood International

is the former Executive Director of the NBDB where she was known for her
pioneering work introducing high-impact literary events to the country.
Starting with Lit Out Loud (2010), followed by The Great Philippine Book Café
(2011), and Read Lit District (2012), the Philippine International Literary
Festival has made the country a permanent fixture on the literary calendar.
is also a copyright lawyer. She teaches English at the University of the
Philippines, as a member of the Department of English and Comparative
Literature. She is now the Manila-based agent of Jacaranda, a full-service
literary agency catering to both first-time and established writers. She may
very well be the country’s first literary agent.
Amado Angelo Rodriguez Lacuesta (a.k.a. Sarge
is writer who has won the Philippine Graphic
Awards for Fiction, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature, and NVM
Gonzalez Award, among other accolades. Life Before X and Other Stories (2000),
his first short story collection, won the Madrigal-Gonzalez Best First Book
Award and the Manila Critics’ Circle National Book Award, while his second
collection White Elephants: Stories (2005) also won the National Book
Award. His recently published his third collection Flames and Other Stories
Sarge edited the books Latitute: Writing
from the Philippines and Scotland
(2005) and Fourteen Love Stories
(2006). He is now the Literary Editor of the Philippines Free Press and
Editor-at-Large of Esquire. He has received several local and
international grants and writing fellowships including The International
Writing Program at the University of Iowa in 2007.
Kristine Fonacier is a food writer, travel writer and magazine editor whose
works have been published in Lonely Planet, Smile, Mabuhuay,
Esquire, Rogue, Pulp, and MTV Ink, among other
publications. She is now associate editor at Women’s Health, while
working on a book of travel stories. 
, Senior
Marketing Associate, Ayala Museum
759.82.88 local 29