Christmas Gift what I’ve got for Christmas!!! I’m really happy! My boyfriend gave this to me yesterday! I’m really happy because finally my Harry Potter series is complete!

I’m so lucky that I got this… I once said to him “For Christmas you can give me the Harry Potter book 6 the Half-Blood Prince”, but I didn’t know that he will really do it! I didn’t know that he will give me this for Christmas! I’m really happy! I’m happy that he gave me that although all my Harry Potter books came from him, I’m still happy that he really bought that for me. That was his surprise for me and I’m really happy!

Note: Thank you honey! 🙂 

New Book Collection

Hi there I got my new book collection! It was a gift from the company that I’m working. I got it last Friday December 14, 2012. It was really awesome that I got that as a gift because I was saving money for these book series. I can’t believe that I got that.

When my boss gave it to me and the moment I opened it, I said “Oh my gosh it’s the City of Bones! It’s The Mortal Instruments series! I am so happy!”

I really can’t get over with it. I feel so much joy in my heart.

As soon as I’m done reading my Harry Potter Series, I’ll start reading these books. I’m sure those are awesome one!

PS: Thank you to my boss and workmates for giving this to me! Such an awesome gift!