Seeking For Bloggers

I needed bloggers who are willing to participate in my guest post. Listed below are the topics you can choose for the said post. If you are decided you can fill up the form here.
Here are the topics:
Book Suggestions – simple, you just have to suggest any books that you’ve read and you think that other people should read it too.
Updates About Books I’m Currently Reading – you have to give an update about the books you’re currently reading, are you enjoying it or not? What do you think about it? Just give an update about it.
Updates For Upcoming Books – if you heard any news about the book you’ve been waiting for, share it here. Tell us if there’s a cover reveal already or when is the final release day. 
That’s it, feel free to express your thoughts. 
The posts should be posted here in my blog only, I will answer your emails as soon as I open my own web-mail. I will post your topics here and link your blogs so people can follow you too.
Thank you so much!

** Authors are welcome to join. 

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