Review Policies & Ratings

Good day authors, publishers and publicists! 
I would love to read your book and make a review of it or
promote it for you. I prefer the printed copy of the books physical copies, I will send my Philippine or US address, just send me an email. I also accept e-galleys, I have NetGalley and Edelweiss. I prefer the format that a Kindle can read, in that case .mobi, if not .epub and .pdf are fine with me as well, I can use other apps for that. just email me at for more info.
I accept books in line with these genres:

  • Young Adult 
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary/Chic Lit
  • Historical Romance
  • New Adult

I post
all my reviews on my blog Home
of a Book Lover
but I also put it on Goodreads,
sometimes Tumblr. I also post
my review links on my Facebook
and Twitter

I don’t post book reviews that are below 3-stars rating. I usually email the author or publisher if I’m not happy with the book.
I reside in the Philippines, but I have my US address too. If you wish to send me anything don’t be shy to shoot an emai.

For my review ratings here are the criteria;

Awesome, mind-blowing book, interesting book. This kind of book is what I recommend to other people, recommend in a way that I will tell them over and over that they should try the book. I will tell them to read it soon. This also means that I will read it again sometime.

It’s a great read and I like it. The book cover and the story somehow catches my attention and I enjoy it.

A good book, I’m just glad that I read it. It is fun to read. It is enough for me to be entertained.

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