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There are times that I can’t review the book right away because of my work and book review schedule, as much as possible I do schedules so I wont get lost. If you can’t wait anymore for the review because of the full schedule you have other options:
– – – Cover Reveal/Release Dates/Trailer Reveal – – –If you want to feature the cover reveal or release dates for your book it’s not a problem provided that the details I should know is in the email. Please contact me at

– – – Promotional Posts – – –

Promotional post can be an Author Feature/Interview or  Book Feature. For Author Interview, I can send the questions on your email. I’ll do my best to respond right away just send me an email at for more information.

One thought on “Promotional Posts

  1. Howard Marshall says:

    Camelle hi … I’m excited … I’m a new author and I have this great book ‘DORIS’ just about to be published/ released (Mid October) Well, I think it’s great, I wrote it, but so do all the people who have read it so far. However, it just about stops there … DORIS needs some exposure … I have the book highlighted on my Facebook Page (Howard Marshall – H.O.WARD Writer) giving detail and facts about the book … but it’s reviews I need … would you please help to spread the word about DORIS by giving her a review … (I have just joined your Facebook page – Like – and you can meet Doris and discover more about her on my fb pages … … Thank you for reading and I look forward to your reply … Regards Howard Marshall


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