New Year: 2021

Happy New Year!!!

As we welcome this another year, I am wishing you all to have a prosperous 2021. We all know, last year (2020) was a very tough year for each and everyone of us. Let’s not forget that easily but make it as a lesson in our lives. Stay safe and remember, there are better things to do than complaining about something we can’t control.

Anyhow, this year, I’ll try my very best to be active on blogging again. I really missed doing this and hopefully I can read more books than last year. It’s going to be another busy year but, that’s okay. Reading to me is like my happy place. It can help me relax and all. I may not have all the time in the world to reply to all emails and request, but I’ll try my best. I really have a very busy schedule not just at work but some personal matters too. I am surprised how can I handle all of that sometimes but, thankfully? I can.. and I’ll continue doing what I’m doing just to finish all my tasks. Maybe tweak a little too just to make more time on some other things. LOL.

As early as now, I am doing some January ‘to-read’ books line up. I just can’t decide which note or scheduling tracker is better, anything you can suggest will be a big help because, currently, I have Trello and Google Keep in mind. I’m exciting for this year, I have a lot of books to read from last year but I guess I can make it. Feel free to comment or suggest good books you’ve all read from last year, if it’s part of a series, please don’t forget to mention.

I think, that’s it for me today (or tonight). I’ll try to make entries every week. Wish me luck!!! Have a good year ahead. 🙂

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