Book Event: Dia de Libro

Yesterday, April 23, was my first time to attend Dia de Libro at Ayala Triangle, Makati City. I could say that it was a good experience to attend such events like that and see other people enjoying and buying books. There were books, t-shirts and other book related things that are for sale. There was also a free henna tattoo in one of the booths. 

Some of you may ask how I learned about the event, to be honest I saw it in one of the posts on Facebook and I immediately decided to click and read it. I didn’t even know there will be an event like that until Friday, April 22nd. I provided the link of the blog post and it is from

The photo below shows the booths from different bookstores. 

This was located in the middle of the event. A library where you can donate books and get books for FREE!!!


Who can miss this cool Churros by Don Churro? To be honest it was my first time eating churros and it was good! It will be perfect for a cup of coffee though *winks*

 I am personally amazed by this map. It was the map of the world! OVERSIZED!!! 

AAAANNDDDD of course, that day won’t be happy without the amazing bookish best friends! I haven’t seen them for months and every meeting is wonderful, memorable. I got my first henna tattoo too. “ALWAYS” with the deathly hollows from Harry Potter. 

Thank you National Book Development Board – Philippines for the tattoos!

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