Waiting on Wednesday … (28)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill of Breaking The Spine. This event highlights the upcoming books that we’re eagerly anticipating.

Title: Soldier (The Talon Saga #3)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publisher: Harlequin TEEN
Date of Publication: April 26, 2016


A fighter dedicated to saving humankind from dragons in strictest secrecy.

was what Garret Xavier Sebastian thought he was part of as a soldier of
the Order of St. George. What he learned from a fiery dragon hatchling
twisted all he believed in and set him on a collision course with
certain death-but not without a chance to put things right.

and on the run again, Ember and rogue dragon Riley discover an
unthinkable truth about Talon and St. George. They’ll need Garret’s
skills and insider knowledge of the Order to negotiate an impossible
deal-and if they fail, there will be no way to stop all-out war.

Source: Goodreads

Title: Girl Against the Universe
Author: Paula Stokes
Publisher: HarperTeen
Date of Publication: May 17, 2016
Maguire is bad luck.

matter how many charms she buys off the internet or good luck rituals
she performs each morning, horrible things happen when Maguire is
around. Like that time the rollercoaster jumped off its tracks. Or the
time the house next door caught on fire. Or that time her brother,
father, and uncle were all killed in a car crash—and Maguire walked away
with barely a scratch.

It’s safest for Maguire to hide out in
her room, where she can cause less damage and avoid meeting new people
who she could hurt. But then she meets Jordy, an aspiring tennis star.
Jordy is confident, talented, and lucky, and he’s convinced he can help
Maguire break her unlucky streak. Maguire knows that the best thing she
can do for Jordy is to stay away. But it turns out staying away is
harder than she thought.

From author Paula Stokes comes a funny
and poignant novel about accepting the past, embracing the future, and
learning to make your own luck.

Source: Goodreads

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