Church Visit: Taal Basilica, Batangas (May 2014)

There are other places that I’m willing to share that I’ve been into. For now I’m gonna share my experience being inside an old church and seeing one. It was “wow”. I felt like I had been part of that time thousand years ago. It was just awesome inside and out. I can’t help but wonder how they made that church, how until now it is standing and awesome. So many how’s that is hard to explain.
Taal Basilica, Batangas
See that structure? Full build of stone I’m not sure enough it has metals in it but it is really that awesome. Big rocks and all that. They said that it is the largest church in the Philippines and in Asia, standing 88.6 metres (291 ft) long and 48 metres (157 ft) wide.

Here’s the aisle, I tried walking in the middle and it caused me goosebumps I swear it was an awesome feeling. How much more if those people who get married in here right? It was really awesome to be able to walk in this long aisle. This painting on the right, it’s the painting at topmost ceiling of the church and it was so pretty!
Here are the other captures I had during my visit. I would like to go back there again sometime. It was a good visit to be honest.

Reading There Will Come A Time by Carrie Arcos


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