Book Review: How I Fly by Anne Eliot

Title: How I Fly (How I Fall #2)
Author: Anne Eliot
Published: January 02, 2015

*What if it’s time to move on?*
Over six months after an accident that broke her legs as well as removed her boyfriend from her life—because Cam Campbell left town and dumped her—high school senior, Ellen Foster, wants to move past her broken heart. She’s off to attend a summer photography workshop at a real university along with her best friends. Ellen’s determined to find a new love—or at least a summer boyfriend. In the dorm, she meets Harrison Shaw. He’s a handsome photography student, a charmer who likes her, and a perfect way to forget her past. 
*What if it all goes perfectly?* 
Ellen thinks she has everything she wants. Her summer program couldn’t be better. She’s half in love with Harrison Shaw, and she’s going after her next scholarship. But when she kisses Harrison, she can only remember how Cam Campbell used kiss her better, sweeter, and how he used to make her feel like she could fly…
*What if something’s not right?* 
When Cam shows up at the university it’s a shock, especially to Ellen’s new boyfriend. Cam’s distant, different and very afraid to hurt Ellen again. He asks Ellen if they could be friends despite the past and how they’ve both changed and Ellen agrees. But after all they’ve been through, can Cam and Ellen ever be just friends? 
*What if…?*
I’ve waited for this book to come out, and now that it’s here and I’m done reading it I can’t deny how much I loved this book and the first book too. The book taught me that second chances can happen to those people who want it to happen. 
The book is an easy read and something you’ll enjoy. The story is simple but you’ll love it right away. You won’t even get lost even if you haven’t read the book one but of course you have to know who is Camden Campbell first. When I was reading this book it was a mixed emotions. I hated one of the character here too because he’s just simply annoying and to be honest I felt sad for Ellen.

The book involves a story of friendship and a love relationship. The book shows how strong the friendship between Ellen, Patrick, Laura and Camden, despite of what happened to the past they still accept Camden as part of their team no matter how the tension was between each and everyone of them. I love how Patrick supported his bestfriend Ellen with all her decision and he was just there to listen and observe to every thing that is happening. As for Laura, she’s always the girl who cheers every one up! And I love that about her.  She’s just so cute. Camden. oh dear Camden. I love this boy. I love how he knows Ellen so much (nostalgic). Aside from friendship the book also shows how love finds it way to someone. Ellen and Camden showed how love can have a second chance despite every thing happened during their past. No matter how long they’ve waited. Their hearts find its way back. Isn’t it the heart wants what it wants?

One more thing, the cover of this book is such a beauty! I love how this was made.

I had a hard time reviewing thins book because I’m having a hard time to form words. I don’t know if I could express my feelings in the right way. I’m not sure if I should do some spoiler or whatever. It is so hard to review a book where you were so attached and you loved it so much. But all in all, I’m overwhelmed with the whole story. It is very inspiring and beautiful. I’m sad that it is just a duology but then, I’m looking forward to read another books of Anne.

Anne, thank you for this wonderful book.

“Knowledge comes with hard work, not from lying and stealing.”

“Sometimes the best way to right a wrong is to simply put everything back in place.”

My Ratings

Anne Eliot writes sweet, first-love stories. She

was raised in the mountains of Colorado, but says she really learned about

life, love and friendships from summers spent with her large, Italian immigrant

family in Ontario, Canada.

Anne is grateful to have had schools with

inspiring teachers and librarians who directed her to worlds she would not have

found on her own. To this day, she adores school visits, teaching writing to

teens, and is dedicated to making sure kids in need have access to books that

will fuel their hopes and dreams.

While growing up, Anne hid her own anxieties by

hiding and reading book after book. She developed an addiction to first love,

first kisses and her favorite: the happy-ever-after story. This is what she

writes today. Now she’s a mom of two and happily married to her own first love.

Anne works hard to juggle being a wife and parent while writing, but fails at

cooking because she is still trying to read book, after book of love stories on

the side.

Anne Eliot’s first book, Almost, became a top 100

best selling Kindle book, and was a Readers Choice, Top 12 of 2012 book for at #11, and will be translated and released in Germany and Turkey

fall 2013. Her second book, Unmaking Hunter Kennedy, is a also a Kindle, top

100 best selling book in Teen Romance for 2013. She’s hard at work on her third

novel, another sweet teen romance releasing fall/winter, 2013. She loves to

hear from readers. Please look for her on Facebook or tweet her @yaromance.

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Twitter: @yaromance

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