New Year’s Eve Post

Hey!!!! This is my last post for the year 2014, and I want to thank everyone for being part of my reading life or year. Thank you bloggers, readers, authors, publishers and many more for trusting me your books and allowing me to join the book tours.

Here’s my post on Facebook which will I share here too:

Things have been pretty crazy this year. A very challenging and painful things happened to my life and my family. It takes a lot of time to move on there coz losing a parent wont never be easy. That turned every thing upside down but I’m still here, because God helped me and guided me through every hard step. Even if I lose too much.. I gained a little.. I thank every one for that. I met new friends, bookish buddies, online friends who are awesome and never left me throughout this year’s craziness. To the mew friends who I just met lately, thank you.
Next year… I am honestly afraid because I don’t know what to face and I guess I’m not ready but then no one’s ready for every thing right? So bring it on. I’m sure this will be another challenging year. New people to meet, new books to read, new places to go, new adventures and new love waiting. I will try my best to make this coming year awesome and lively.
One thing I’ve learned from this year is that, you have to treasure every second you spend with the person you love, especially your parents. You might hate them and think that they’re annoying but then aren’t you annoying too when you were a kid? They loved and took care of you so you have to return it. Don’t make them feel that they’re not important. Hard? It is not. You just have to accept things and understand deeply. People will just pass by and say good bye when the right time comes and you will be just there alone with no one but you are really not alone because God is with you even if you can’t see Him. Just go with the flow, everything happens for a reason and every thing will be fine soon.
Thank you God for that roller coaster ride. I survived.
Enough drama.. let me link you to my 34 review posts and share with you my top 10 books for 2014

TOP 10 BOOKS (2014)

it is not in chronological order or whatever… just that this is my top 10

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