Stacking the Shelves … (27)

This is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga of Tynga’s Reviews.

I am so happy that I got this book! Well I didn’t expect this to arrive this month, I was so curious when mom said I have to pick up something in the post office, and I was like “Really? I wonder what book is it..”. I can’t remember if I requested for one either. So I’m excited to visit the post office and check. I did yesterday and when I received the package, I was looking for the name of the sender, I found it at the back portion and I suddenly smiled and I can’t help myself so I blurted it out “I know what’s inside! OMG OMG!”. Mom was there with me so she’s just smiling at me! And when I’m on my way to the office I opened it and started fangirling right away! It is so pretty and lovely!!! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Elizabeth Richards, for this book! I really love it and I’m excited to read it!!! also thank you for the bookmarks!!! SO LOVELY!!!

Here’s another story, I was so tired and busy at work everyday and I usually go straight to my bed to rest. I’m really exhausted. Then one time, I was looking for something and I noticed a parcel. I knew that kind of parcel is for me, I picked it up and when I saw the sender’s name I suddenly squeak! I know what’s inside right away! Haha, I was waiting for that book for days.. I didn’t know when it arrived exactly coz mom forgot! But it’s okay.. I’m just so happy it’s finally here and I’m really grateful with the awesome cover and LUKA!!! 
THANK YOU SO MUCH Kate Evangelista for this awesome book and for the freebies!!! It’s lovely!!! 
If you want to view my review of Savor by Kate Evangelista click here.

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