Book Review: Deep Naked by Riley Hill

Deep Naked (Naked Worlds, #1)Title: Deep Naked
Author: Riley Hill
Publisher: Riverhouse Lit
Published: June 22, 2013
Pages: 380
Source: e-book 

YA/NA Paranormal/Sci-fi Adventure

Carson enjoys playing her fiddle, preparing for college, and dreaming
about her future. But when secret family abilities develop, she’s ripped
into worlds beyond imagination. Targeted by black ops and a weird cult
from the old country, she runs to the only man on earth who can save
her. But there’s a price.

With the fate of the world at stake,
Crystal must abandon her life, open to revelations, and embrace her
destiny. What hides in her blood? What gifts would others steal from
her? Can she learn to wield interdimensional powers and heal a time
rift? If not, she, her friends, and her new-found love will be trapped
forever in a black hole—a single moment of Now.

Young/New Adult novel combining science fiction, paranormal, fantasy,
and romance. It is the first book in the NAKED WORLDS series, which
follows Crystal Carson and her friends through time, space, and magic,
battling shadow government agencies and alien species.

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It took me a while to finish this book for two reasons; one I’m busy with so many things especially if it’s work related, second I’m confused and distracted while reading the book. It took me sometime to figure out what was going on and to tell you the truth this is an amazing book. It is very different from all the books I’ve read, I haven’t read a book where Music, Science, time traveling and wizard powers involved. The combination of those created a good masterpiece that I haven’t seen before, especially Music and Science tied up together? amazing! I love the happenings, and the twists and turns of the story (it has a lot!), it is mind-blowing, it has lots of puzzles to be solved and I can’t help asking myself “how did it happen?!”. Another great creation here was the twists between the character’s role, it is amazing! From antagonist to protagonist and vice versa, they’re all part of the big picture. 

For me the cover of the book is catchy and confusing at the same time, the first time I saw it I was like “oh nice this involves music, does she have powers too?” and some sort of “what can she do aside from playing violin?”. It is interesting and my questions pushed me to accept it and read. Aside from that the title is confusing but interesting and my first question was “how come it is related to the cover?”, but both title and cover are interesting and portrays a deeper meaning. One last thing that makes this book interesting are the titles in every chapter, I like it personally at least I have an idea of what to expect. 

Crystal Carson a simple teenager who loves playing with her fiddle. She’s dreaming to go to college. Before her eighteenth birthday her Aunt Sarah gave her an enormous gift, she’s going to attend the Bean Camp where other violinists gather together and learn many things. At the camp she met a new friend named Elinor, they’ve been good pals ever since, she also saw there the teenage boy named Glenn who she already saw before. Things in her life changed even before going to the camp, she heard unusual voices which she think as hallucinations. Things happened so fast, and at the camp she met Olaf Widmark, a famous violinist who was taught by the Nacken. Since then, things changed in Crystal’s life. She didn’t know anything about her family history and she kept refusing to listen even if she knew there are changes happening in her life now. But there’s something that made her accept to listen and accept who she is. There’s some incident happened and she was forced to go to Sweden to meet Fredrick.

I had a fun time reading this book despite of having confusions. It’s lovely and I love the scene of Crystal and Glenn playing fiddle. I can imagine it and their emotions. It’s amazing I had a chance to read this. I also love the discovery I’ve found out at the end of the book about Olaf Widmark.

Extraordinary and alluring book to read. I am looking forward to the next book. It’s gonna be exciting for sure.
My Rating
Riley HillRiley Hill lurks in the back
wood shadows where dark moods set the tone for her tales of mystery and
creep. Drawn to the preternatural in life and thought, she writes to
explore possibilities and create realities that might exist, somewhere.

enjoys kayaking on the immense rivers in Oregon, along with playing her
fiddle and mandolin with friends. Currently, she lives in Arizona.

Visit Riley!

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COMING SOON: Naked Worlds Book II : Skin Slickers 


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