Book Review: Forever Young Irina by Gerald Simpkins

Forever Young Irina (99)

Title: Forever Young Irina 
Author: Gerald Simpkins
Published: January 31, 2013 
Pages: 275
Source: ebook (From the Author)

17-year old Irina
Connors is in her last year of high school. What had begun as seemingly
a dream come true only three years previously has morphed into a daily
grind of verbal abuse and bullying. She was offered a place in a
special program wherein she is bussed from her poor neighborhood to a
school in a wealthy part of Seattle and has qualified for a college
scholarship if she can maintain a 3.7 GPA. As she struggles to maintain
a perfect grade average she has increasingly become the favored target
of malicious and cruel attacks by a clique of wealthy girls and their

One day the attacks go too far as her only friend is
victimized too and Irina retaliates, setting in motion a chain of events
that seem to shatter her life and her dreams. She crosses a threshold
that takes her into a world of unbelievable danger, yet one of great
promise as well if she proves worthy.
Join Irina as she sets
out on the journey of a lifetime and beyond, discovering things
unimaginable even while struggling with her own role in her new life.
‘Forever Young Irina‘ will captivate you and draw you in to experience
the world of Vampires as you have never before seen it portrayed.

What I expect on this book? nothing much honestly, I know vampires include but other than that none simply because I don’t want to disappoint myself, that’s sad isn’t it? Well… honestly in the first place while reading this I got lost, I don’t really know what’s happening I just continue reading. Maybe because I wasn’t able to read the other parts of the books that’s why it happened to me. I was like.. who are these people? and what’s happening now? Yet at the middle of it, I finally understand it. 

So far, I like the characters especially Irina, she’s a tough girl despite of what happened to her life she still pursue her dreams with the help of her kind vamp family. Though her life experienced something tragic, she was able to overcome all that and retrieve those things that are gone. I salute her braveness. The good vamps, wow they’re extremely rich in this book and kind, I remember Twilight again. 

I’m a fan of vampire related books since Twilight started, and I like this book though it didn’t catch my full attention (which I am so embarrassed to admit), I really got lost while reading it, I just had issues in some parts of it. Just being honest here. Anyway, I still believe the book is good maybe I just need to read the other parts. I see how the story of Irina works and I like it. 

For the over all critique, the book is nice and I like the vamp characters and Irina. 


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