Book Review: How I Exiled My Inner Bitch by Miv Evans

How I Exiled My Inner BitchTitle: How I Exiled My Inner Bitch
Author: Miv Evans
Source: ebook
Dionne is 36, and still
hooked on the imaginary twin she invented to get her through her
desolate childhood. With such an odd companion, long-term relationships
are impossible and she is doomed to live her life as a serial
monogamist, until the Go Along Guy shows up. Greg has denial on
intravenous, so Dionne’s quirks simply pass him by and, pretty soon,
shallow love blossoms. Unfortunately, however, what are also blossoming
are Greg’s teenage daughters. They don’t like Dionne and their
hormones are raging.

The book is a challenge to me
because I’ve never read something like this before. The first time I read it, I
was really confused with the characters it was like a puzzle for me to solve
then somewhere in the middle I finally understand why is it made like that. The
book is fine to read. It is something that made from the experience of one
person. It is really psychological especially for those people who got bullied
throughout their childhood life, maybe they can relate to this at the same time
they will enjoy reading it. 
Dionne, a girl who’s always alone
because her three sisters don’t want her to join them and in school they call
her crazy. During her childhood she usually talks to Rionne who always comforts
her but she got bullied over and over Lionne came, she was the one who taught
her how to be strong and fight. Lionne was also the one who helped her become
successful. Dionne met Greg who loves her and accepts her for what she is and
no matter what her past is he doesn’t care at all. 
People may be confused about the
book cover and title but don’t judge it from there. This one is a good book and
the readers may have learned lessons after reading it. I had mixed emotions
here too and I feel bad for the main character yet she’s still a fighter ‘til
the end. 
There’s a question at the end of
the book and I wanna answer it, for me when that inner bitch comes to my life,
I may let her in too yet I will control her the way I want to, I don’t want her
to control me. I can use her for being just a fighter but I will not do things
that will give problem to my conscience. 
Miv EvansI’m a British entertainment
journalist and relocated to Los Angeles in 2005. I currently write film
reviews for Entertainment Magazine and Yahoo!

As well as
reviews, I also write screenplays, and I’ve amassed quite a collection
of ‘nearly made it’ stories. I now believe that Hollywood is the only
place in the world, where you can actually die of encouragement!





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