Book Review: The Vampire’s Daughter (Of Light And Darkness #1) by Shayne Leighton

The Vampire's Daughter (Of Light and Darkness, #1)

Title: The Vampire’s Daughter (Of Light and Darkness #1)

Author: Shayne Leighton
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Published: June 28, 2011
Pages: 258
Source: ebook
When one human stands
before an army of impossible obstacles, the likelihood of overcoming
them in this coming-of-age modern fairytale may result in war between
light and darkness.

Abandoned as an infant in Prague, naive and
strong-willed Charlotte Ruzikova was raised by one of the last Vampires
left alive. As a human, she knows no other home than the one nestled
deep in the woods of Eastern Europe, where Witches drew spells of
enchantment, Phasers threw tea parties, and Elves are the closest in
kin. Charlotte has lived her life in the dark with her Guardian, content
to having him to herself and reveling in his attention, until she’s
realizes she wants more…

Resident medical doctor and Vampire,
Valek Ruzik fears the day his ward would come of age and blossom into a
fine woman, and he is forced to confront his own motives as time is of
the essence once his past catches up to him, and their lives become

As genocide and war threatens their secret society,
the dictator in power is ready to wipe out Valek’s race, but Charlotte
will not allow that to happen. Fighting for the only one she’s ever
loved and truly believed in, she will do whatever it takes to save their
love…before the sun comes up and light takes over. 

I figured out about the book because of the author herself, Shayne Leighton. I was invited in to one of her video chat. I was really curious about it so I joined. That day she talked about her book and the upcoming one and I have no idea of what she’s talking so I decided to read the blurb. I was curious about it and I don’t know what to expect but when I found out that there’s the vampire-human story involved, once again I got interested. 
Honestly, once I knew it has some the vampire-human story, Twilight Saga suddenly flashed in my mind but still I didn’t expect any because it might ruined my mood in reading. Then when I read it, it didn’t fail to amaze me. The book is a good one. A combination of fantasy creatures, vampires and of course human. The story is not complicated and it is fascinating. I love the story of Valek and Charlotte. Their relationship is unusual, because Charlotte is supposed to be Valek’s daughter but it didn’t turn out that way. Valek is a vampire, he was a doctor and he took care Charlotte since she was a baby. He found Charlotte in the middle of the night. Charlotte is the only human living inside the Occult and for everybody’s knowledge, it is forbidden. She was hidden for a long time and living with Valek. 
This book is a little darker than any other vampire involved books that I’ve read, but it is challenging because my imagination is working the way the book describe what is happening. I love how the story is formed and how light and dark collides. I also love how Valek and Charlotte story revolved in the story. It occurs to me that if fate says it, it will happen no matter what hindrances are on the way.
A book is amazing with a mixture of dark and light emotions.  It honestly gave me a hard time to put it down. I must say you should give it a try.
Shayne LeightonShayne’s first year out of
high school (after meeting mentor, friend, and executive producer,
Marcie Gorman), she penned, co-directed, and starred in the
feature-length film, The Incubus a paranormal romance, which obtained
distribution and opened in over fifteen theaters across South Florida
among popular chains like Regal, AMC, and Cinemark. The Incubus has
obtained a fan-base of over 60,000 girls online, and has garnered the
attention of reporters from the Miami Herald, CBS News, and NPR Radio.
Leighton also starred alongside Scream Queen, Tara Cardinal in the film,
Legend of the Red Reaper. Now, 20-year-old Leighton is excited to
release her debut young adult novel series, Of Light and Darkness, set
in contemporary Prague as well as penning several other screenplays, a
novel adaptation for Legend of the Red Reaper, an original pop/rock
album, and acting in various film roles.
The Vampire's Reflection (Of Light and Darkness #2)

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