Stacking The Shelves … (11)

This is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga of Tynga’s Reviews
Hi there I’m back! I’m happy to share you guys what I’ve got for this week, so far all the books I’ve got is for reviews so wait for my reviews coming soon!I’m grateful to have all these and thank you for all the authors/publishers who emailed me. I am really excited to read the books! 
So for this week what I’ve got are e-books from NetGalley, Smashwords and some are from the authors/publishers who emailed me. Here we go! 
 DEEP NAKED (Naked Worlds Book I)
Deep Naked by Riley Hill – Thank you Riley Hill for the email! I am so excited to read this book. The cover looks interesting so I wanna read it so bad. I also read the description and I suddenly become curious about this book. 
Forever Young Irina (99)
Forever Young Irina by Gerald Simpkins – Thank you Gerald Simpkins for the email! I read the description of the book and it made me curious, I don’t know yet what to expect but I am challenging myself so I wanna read this one. 
Driven (Northern Waste, #1)
Driven by Eve Silver – Thank you Eve Silver for the free book! I got this from Smashwords, the author tweeted something about who wants a free book and then I was online at that time so it happened that I got one. I wonder what this is all about. 
Protected (Watched, # 2)
Protected (Watched Series #2) by Cindy Hogan – I got this from NetGalley, thank you! I am not sure what this book is about because I haven’t read the book one I didn’t notice it was a series but then I am still excited about this coz I am absolutely interested on reading this.
Saving Wishes (The Wishes Series #1)
Saving Wishes by G.J. Walker Smith – I also got this from NetGalley, thank you again! I saw this book and I was so curious what is the story of this one, I am thinking I can relate again. Excited to read this one! I still have a thing on love stories. 
That’s it, I hope I can finish all of it soon! I am excited to read all of these for it will have a different shift on stories! Good luck to me! 😀

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