Cover Reveal: Child of the Sacred Earth by Alicia Michaels

Title: Child of the Sacred Earth
Series: The Lost Kingdom of Fallada, Book
By: Alicia Michaels
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Release Date: June 2013 (Exact Date TBA)


a degree, get a job, save adorable foster siblings from the clutches
of the evil foster mom …

are Jocylene Sanders’ top priorities as she enters her sophomore
year of college. The last thing she expects is to find herself the
champion of an entire kingdom. However, that is just what happens
when the mysterious Faerie, Rothatin Longspear, appears to her
tasking her with saving a parallel world full of creatures from her
wildest dreams.

journeys with him into the world of Fallada, hoping for answers about
her birth parents and background. What she finds is a mystifying
past, and an even more uncertain future, as her heart becomes
entangled with the stoic, battle-hardened Rothatin, as well as Eli,
the untroubled Panther Shifter with no loyalties and no home. With
her heart and soul pulled in so many directions, can Jocylene find
the strength needed to become the savior one nation so desperately


Jocylene held her hands up to halt Jake’s speech. “Let me get
this straight. My mother is the bitch queen of all evil and wants to
take over the world. You think that me and a band of teenage
princesses have enough combined power to stop her, and you expect me
to lead battles in this epic war against a hostile takeover?”

cleared his throat again and blushed, nodded his head slowly. “That
about sums it up, Princess.”

No. Hell-to-the-no. Forget it. There is no way you can convince me
that I’ve got what it takes to lead a freaking army, let alone go
up against a woman evil and sadistic enough to kidnap seven girls and
cast them into another world. Her doing that was obviously a warning;
‘stay away little princesses’. Fine by me!”

are being irrational,” Rothatin said in that infuriatingly arrogant
way of his. Jocylene turned her narrowed eyes on him.

a man who flew to my rescue tonight on a gigantic owl! If your world
is separate from mine, then it’s all the better for me because I
have no desire to go there or become part of anyone else’s plans.”

you have any idea how powerful you are?” Wil asked, his hands on
his hips as he came forward and stared down at her from behind the
smoke trailing out of his pipe.

do,” Rothatin muttered as he stared out over the blanket of pine
trees beneath them.
seen it with my own eyes. It is easy to see why Eranna would be
afraid of her.”

to me like she doesn’t have much to fear,” Jocylene countered.
“If she’s as powerful as you’re telling me, I don’t stand a
chance in Hell.”

by yourself,” Jake agreed. “But with the others—“

are they?” she asked, her arms spread wide. “Where are these
others girls? As far as I can tell, you guys are just casting your
net out to see who you can catch. Sure, you got lucky once and now
you’ve done it a second time. But seven seems like a big number
when we’re talking about the possible end of the world here.
Besides, things happen in this world too; cancer, car wrecks … who
says these other girls are even alive? I’m having a hard time
believing your luck will hold out. And then what happens? I’ve
given up what’s left of my life fighting for a lost cause.”

not think to question the powers of the Fae Queen,” Rothatin
growled, coming up from his relaxed pose against the ship’s rail,
his shoulders squared and his jaw gone hard and tight. “Her power
is ten times that of the dark queen and her all-seeing eyes are
everywhere. She will find them, just as she found you.”

sure your queen is a nice lady, and I mean no disrespect to her when
I ask this but, if she’s so dang powerful, why hasn’t she stopped
my mother herself?”

the Fae are the keepers of fate and destiny,” Rothatin answered
with an agitated eye-roll, as if this were information she should
already be privy to. “We do everything we can to guide those in our
realm on the right path but in the end their decisions are ultimately
their own. We cannot interfere. And even if we wanted to, Eranna’s
iron fortress keeps us out.”

Fae’s only weakness is the element of iron,” Jake supplied from
behind Rothatin’s hulking form. “Her fortress is surrounded by

you just said yourself that you can’t force me,” Jocylene huffed.
“So, do whatever you need to do to turn this ship around and take
me home. Or, let me off here for all I care. I can find my own way
back home.”

is foolish, as well as dangerous,” Wil said to her retreating back
as she turned to make her way back across the deck. “Eranna will
not stop sending her minions after you. Of all the princesses of
Fallada, she fears her own daughters the most!”

paused and turned, shooting a glance at the three men watching her
walk away with expressions of horror, anger, and dismay on their
faces. “In case your friend here didn’t tell you, I am more than
capable of protecting myself and those kids in there. Send whoever
you want; they won’t get far. Once Michael, Vincent, and Gracie
wake up, I’m out of here whether you want to give me a ride home or
— Other Books In The Series —
Beyond The Iron Gate (A Lost Kingdom of Fallada Novella)
Book Trailer:

In the year 1845,
before the mystical land of Fallada was separated from the realm of
men forever, the two worlds coexisted in harmony. Man could mingle
freely in the world of the Elves and Faeries at will and peace
reigned. In the hills of Shropshire, England, just miles from the
gate separating the village of Ludlow from the world of mystical
creatures, farmer’s daughter Zara Wells longs for answers.
is not only the golden hair that trail feet behind her, or the
strange hue of her violet eyes that separates her from the other
girls her village. There is something inside of her, something
touched by magic that longs to know more about what lies on the other
side of the gate. In Fallada, darkness has begun to spread. As the
youngest and most beautiful girls of her village begin to disappear,
Zara comes closer to discovering the true circumstances surrounding
her birth. Little does she know, that the closer she comes to the
answers she so desperately desires, the closer she will come to being
ensnared in the dark queen’s web of growing treachery.

Daughter of the Red
Book Trailer:

These are dark times
in the land of Fallada, and I fear that they will only continue to
grow darker. Only the return of those we’ve lost will even the
will begin with first line of the prophecy, which foretells of a red
sun over the desert sky…
Queen of the Fae
the outside, seventeen year-old Selena McKinley is like any other
teenage girl. Yet Selena has always felt as if she doesn’t belong
and is counting the days to graduation and her freedom from the small
town that makes her feel so out of place, when the arrival of a
stranger turns her world upside down. Selena will learn just how
different she is and the truth of where she comes from.
lost princess, they call her, the catalyst for a war involving a
world that Selena was taken from as a child. An evil queen obsessed
with her own beauty with a plan to enslave the human race.…the
notion seems so silly, yet Selena knows in her heart that it is true.
Then there is Titus, the shape shifter whose blue eyes and claims of
destiny hold her heart captive. Can Selena find the strength to do
what she must while following her heart?

since she first read books like Chronicles of Narnia or Goosebumps,
Alicia has been a lover of mind-bending fiction. Wherever imagination
takes her, she is more than happy to call that place her home. The
mother of two and wife to an Army sergeant loves chocolate, coffee,
and of course good books. When not writing, you can usually find her
with her nose in a book, shopping for shoes and fabulous jewelry, or
spending time with her loving family.

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