Book Review: The Scent Of A Soul by Jennifer Thompson

Title: The Scent Of A Soul
Author: Jennifer Thompson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: December 8, 2012
Pages: 484
Source: ebook (from the author)

Fleeing her recent past,
Lilliah Woods finds refuge in the anonymity of the present day
inner-city slums. As she settles into the seedy apartment she must now
call home, she meets mysterious Marek Jamison when he materializes in
her doorway demanding to know who she is. From that moment, he becomes a
guardian and guide as she gradually discovers his hidden world.

their relationship develops, Lilliah learns of Marek’s dark past and of
a brothers’ quarrel he has been embroiled in for years. The quarrel
turns into a larger battle of good and evil, liberty versus tyranny, and
the separation of love and lust.

With Lilliah as the ultimate
prize, the deadly conflict reaches out to threaten her family, and the
outcome of the final battle will determine her fate. Lilliah must embark
on an unexpected path that teaches her to trust in the man she has come
to love, and give of herself as she never thought she could….

That day when the author contacted me and asked me to review her book, I’m thinking what is this book all about? I’ve been curious because of the cover and because of how the excerpt is written. So I decided to review this though it took me longer than expected to finish this book because I’ve been pretty busy and of course I’m just using my laptop which is very hard. And finally the day has come and I finish this book. 
The first thing that comes to my mind when I started reading this book is, who is Marek Jamison? He’s so mysterious. I was so eager to know who he is until I found out and everything makes sense to me. Lilliah in the other hand at first I hate her for not listening to Marek but then I will not blame her because he’s totally a stranger. But that part when they started to understand and fall in-love with each other it’s so romantic that I hope it really happens in real life. They have that unconditional love and care for each other. 
I love how the story flows. The revelations gives me goosebumps, it makes me shocked and cry and whatsoever mixed emotions. It is pretty amazing that i got hooked on the story that’s what I love while reading. It made me react on different scenes and hate the villains. The story is pretty good. I will not reveal the identity of the characters it’s for the other readers to know and I hope they will be able to react the way I did.
The ending of the story I didn’t expect it will be like that. It’s a “wow” for me. It’s really cool to have that kind of ending after so many things happened. It actually made me cry. It is full of emotions and I can feel it while reading. I don’t know if I’m being so exaggerated but that’s how I feel it. I love it all. 
I have been happily married to my husband for fifteen years. We met at
Brigham Young University on a blind date, and, at first, I was sure he
wasn’t for me, but now I cannot imagine my life without him. My
life is busy, but I try to keep it as simple as possible, focusing on
what matters most to me—home and family. I love to read, cook, spend time with my family, and now I can add writing to that list—it is my creative outlet; we all need one.
Check out her blog at The Unexpected Path

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