Stacking The Shelves … (03)

Here I am again for another Stacking the Shelves post! 🙂 This meme is hosted by Tynga of Tynga’s Reviews.
I know, not all the people likes these books but then I still want to post it here because I’m happy that I got all these books.. So here it is.
This is my complete series of Harry Potter… I know it’s kinda weird because of the two small books at the side…
Harry Potter 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6  – was given to me by my boyfriend. He has the book 1-4 and then he bought the book 6 for me because that’s the only one that I don’t have.
Harry Potter 5 – It’s a second hand book I bought from someone.
Harry Potter 7 – I’m not done reading it yet coz I’m pretty busy… but that book was my first HP book coz it was given by my father.. It was the Bloomburry Edition. A child gave that to him while he was at work, then he gave it to me.

So basically, that’s all my Harry Potter Collection. Book 5 is the only Paperback edition there and that’s the only thing that I bought.

Another one is an E-book … this one is for review 🙂

I’m almost done! 🙂

The author itself replied to my email about giving a review on this book, I will not react on this yet. Just check my upcoming book review next week. 🙂

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