Random Thoughts for 12-12-12

Hi everyone, this is my corner for my random thoughts while reading or after reading. I just want to share my feelings every time I read books. So here’s one, maybe some of you can relate.

I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I started reading since December one and I’m still in Chapter 9 why? Because work keeps me busy, and I feel sad because I can’t focus reading the book, that’s why I’m always looking forward for weekends or holidays so I can focus on my hobby. Do you experience that too?

Every time I read the book at night I felt like I don’t want to sleep  and I just want to read the book until I finish it, but of course I need to stop because the next day I have work again. It is hard, even how hard I try to finish the book work is there to block me. That’s why right now I’m really looking forward for next week because I will have my holiday and I can read the books that I have finally.

I really want to finish the Harry Potter series and then watch the movies again. Sounds fun right? I know,  I did that first on the Twilight Saga and I’m doing it again for Harry Potter series. It’s gonna be so fun!

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